Custom Compounder and Recycler That Wants to Be Apart of Your TEAM

Team Alliance Plastics, Inc., is a plastic processor and recyler based in Springfield, Michigan, that buy and sells all grades of plastic in any form. We work with our alliances of full-service plastic recycling partners in Chicago, Illinois, and southwest Michigan, making sure that we follow strict control procedures and utilize state-of-the-art technology to increase yield and reduce costs. Some of our processes include the following:

Size Reduction Services-- Toll Shredding and Grinding  
Float/Sink Services-- Removal of unwanted materials to maximize material value
Washing-- Hot and Cold Wash, Pressure Wash
Pellet Extrusion-- Customized Pellets to Spec, Special Materials, Fines/Turnings, Vented Extruders
Contamination Removal-- Removal of metal, fiberglass, and other contaminates
Plastic Scrap

Team Alliance Plastics, Inc., has an experienced team that provides excellent customer service. We work closely with our 3PL providers and local haulers to move raw and finished materials via truckload or less than truckload quantities. For security, we offer full cargo and transit insurance, as well as product liability coverage. We pride ourselves in being able to pick up materials with only 24 hours notice. Some of the trucking and logistics services we are able to provide include the following:

• Dropped Trailers  • Certified Scale Ticket Issuance • Shipment Freight Coordination
Shipment Freight Coordination
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